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Front End Web Developer
Ref No.: 13-00101
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Position Type:Contract
Experience Level: 6 Years
Start Date: 01/28/2013

One of our clients is currently hiring Front End Web Developers to the locations: 2 positions in NYC & 2 positions in Columbus, OH for a contract period of 5 month Contract possible extension

DESCRIPTION: Drives innovation by building enhancements to the customer experience of Web presentation-layer (¿UX¿) specialist developer who bridges the creative and technical aspects of website creation and delivery. Responsible for all aspects of Presentation Layer development, including coding and QA of page templates and build of special content features. Leads and participates in projects; designs solutions in partnership with IT team. Responsible for evolution and maintenance of front-end codebase (CSS/HTML/jQuery) to meet business needs.

¿ Build and enhance site templates
¿ Develop cross-browser/platform HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to match design specs for complex page layouts while adhering to code standards
¿ Manage and extend codebase for javascript/dHTML, primarily jQuery
¿ Develop and evolve code standards as site and market mature
¿ Unit test completed templates for rendering on Client platforms
¿ QA rendering and functionality on defined Client platforms
¿ Extend CSS as needed to accommodate new data and display types
¿ Build for maintainability and performance
¿ Support development and staging of complex site content
¿ Upload, manage and configure content assets
¿ FEWD lead on special projects of varying complexity
¿ Work with creative team to develop concepts for media and interactivity
¿ Develop, integrate, and deploy templates and/or content as needed
¿ Coordinate internal and external partners on larger projects
¿ Support growth and strategic direction
¿ Support project or enhancement planning and scoping
¿ Draft technical/functional specifications
¿ Rapidly produce other interim deliverables (e.g. style guide components, browser analysis, prototypes, proofs of concept, etc.)
¿ Integrate with/drive innovation for other VS platforms: Social, Mobile, etc.
¿ Keep up to date on emerging trends, technologies, and market developments; help develop strategy to address opportunities and issues
¿ Ensure absolute accuracy and high standards for detail throughout the development process

¿ Strong site-build background with both technical and visual expertise:
¿ Ability to write validating HTML, CSS, and Javascript
¿ Experience leveraging Web standards
¿ Ability to write pixel-accurate code that accurately replicates a designed layout across a range of primary Client platforms
¿ Broad JavaScript experience (interactivity, forms, plug-in detects, etc.)
¿ Advanced jQuery
¿ Rich media experience (Flash, video, etc)
¿ Experience with SVN and source control methodologies
¿ Deep knowledge of and discipline in the application of Web development best practices:
¿ Write clean, well documented, modular and validating code
¿ Knowledge of DOM programming
¿ XML and JSON fluency
¿ Secondary Requirements:
¿ Experience with Cookies
¿ Some working knowledge of JSP
¿ Basic understanding or better of Java, Java Beans, EJBs and tag libraries
¿ ActionScript programming a plus
¿ OOP experience ideal
¿ Characteristics:
¿ Collaborative, inclusive and flexible team member
¿ Resourceful self-starter who gets things done
¿ Highly organized with extreme attention to detail and strong brand sensitivity
¿ Ability to manage multiple priorities and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment
¿ Creative problem-solver
¿ Strong verbal communication skills required
¿ Good writing skills a plus

¿ 6-8 years hands-on site-building experience, with a focus on high-end brands or other environment with very high standards for presentation-layer build
¿ Experience integrating presentation layer build with middleware templates
¿ Bachelor¿s Degree preferred
¿ Ecommerce experience a plus